Saturday, 17 September 2011

Koguma - Korean Yam 3

Oh, hey. I was able to track down a picture that tells what was actually burning inside! So it was simply pieces of woods, huh? Now, that kind of makes sense because what else would they use while on the street like that? Coal, no. Gas, of course not. For this kind of setting with that kind of equipment, wood must have been thought out to begin with. It’s cheap, easy to get, easy to carry, and easy to burn.

I noticed something, though. When I look at this picture now, it strikes me how dangerous it is to have the whole thing exposed out in the open. I said in the previous post that he wouldn’t let anyone come near but, well, that’s not enough, isn’t it? While a mom is paying for a bag of koguma, a 4-year old son full of curious and adventurous mind would reach out to the magic box that spits out a fab delicacy with the merchant completely preoccupied. Well, of course mom would be extra cautious in such situation, but, you know.

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