Monday, 12 September 2011

Improving as a writer 5

If you’re a veteran translator, I doubt you would find anything useful in my blog. Oh, no. I doubt that you would even bother to read anything here to start with. Haha.  But if you’re a novice in translation, then mark my word: read before attempt writing. Read and read. Read to learn the flow of writing. What makes your writing smooth can mostly learned from reading others’ writings, and especially good ones. So try to locate writings of your interest written by authors who are experienced in story-telling. Novels are good ones. Published articles from credible magazines are another. Well, there’s such an ample store of resources you can go for in this internet age. The point of it all is, again and again, to familiarize yourself with basics, which is to make your writing sound natural. Now, what is my obsession with this ‘sounding natural?’ How silly it is to keep on mentioning such a thing, right? Who would attempt to get on the translation business if he can't write properly?
Well, some would.

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