Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Improving as a writer 3

In conclusion, it is fundamental to make your writing sound natural. Yes, it all boils down to that simple rule. I certainly agree that there are more to writing than that, but at least for translation it is crucial. You cannot afford to write awkward. You should not let readers be able to tell ‘ah, this is translated and not original.’ Simply put, translation is at its highest level to make yourself invisible. That is really what every translator must strive for. The less readers are concerned about the translator or translation, the better. In other words, when your work goes unnoticed, you can be assured that you did a fab job. Ironic, but true. This, however, is not easy. It’s very difficult and that’s why not many can get there so easily. And not to mention, when you’re doing translation, your expertise must be translating TO your first language and not FROM your first language.

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