Monday, 29 August 2011

Improving as a writer

It is overwhelming to realize how much more to learn to be a better translator. I myself translate English to Korean as a professional.

I already emphasized quite a few times how important it is to be an expert in your first language. When I say ‘expert,’ I mean expert in ‘writing.’ Yes, I’m saying this again which I already said many times: translators are writers. Now, to say this is simple, but to achieve it? Oh, how daunting it is to become a good writer! I remember a renowned, widely respected writer Philip Yancey once describing pangs of writing. He was first trying to explain how hard mountain climbing was, and it did sound quite dreadful to me (yes, I don’t quite fancy climbing mountains to start with). But then he soon came to realize it was still incomparable to the pain of writing.

I do certified Korean translation.

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