Monday, 29 August 2011

Improving as a writer 2

By the way, I’m no way close to the calibre of Philip Yancey. Not even remotely. In fact, I’m already embarrassed to even mention his name in this regard. I ask for your mercy. :) I’m trying to say a few things I learned important from not-long career as a translator. It has been and still is a constant battle of improving myself as a writer. What is then the most basic requirement for a writer? Just a simple common sense is enough to begin with: to make your writing sound natural. There must be higher and many more stages for becoming a good writer but I believe getting this simple thing right is foundation of all. I can say this up front when it comes to Korean translations because there are still many translated works not done according to this fundamental rule. When you read them you can instantly tell it is translated: it means it is NOT natural. Sentence structure, word choice, or something else tells you aloud that it is awkward.

I do Korean translation from English.

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