Monday, 15 August 2011

Basic Korean Sentences 3

Another set of sentences that are commonly used in Korea.

1. I'm cold.

춥습니다 – choop sum ni da

2. I’m tired.

피곤합니다 – pi gon ham ni da

Example> After you work hours straight on a school project and finally make the deadline, then someone next to you comes over and poke your arm asking you out for a pint. You just wave your hand and say “피곤합니다.”

3. It’s easy.

쉽습니다 – sheep sum ni da

4. It’s difficult.

어렵습니다 – eo ryup sum ni da
Example> Although you were a straight-A student during high school, it’s been a while since you graduated. An 11th grader comes up to you and asks a question about statistics from math course. You say, “어렵습니다.”

There’s another way of saying ‘it’s difficult’ in different circumstances.
Example> You live on the 15th floor and just found the elevator is out of order. On your way to your floor with your friend, you’re so exhausted and stop for a while to take a breath. You say the following:

힘듭니다 – him dum ni da

It means ‘it’s hard/difficult’ and further indicates the task you are involved in is tiring.

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